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Mezzo, G3-B5 (Belt to C5)


PAPERMAKER                                      Nancy                  Shadowland Stages / Brendan Burke

THE LADIES MAN                                 Marie                                                    "

MAMMA MIA!                                         Donna                 Winnipesaukee Playhouse /  Bryan Knowlton

EMILIE                                                    Emilie                 Wellesley Repertory Theatre /  Marta Rainer

HOUSE OF BLUE LEAVES                   Bananas                                              “

CONSTELLATIONS                               Marianne             Tangent Theater/ Christine Crawfis

LOST IN YONKERS                               Bella                    Winnipesaukee Playhouse  / Marta Rainer

TALLEY'S FOLLY                                  Sally                                                     "  "

THERE IS A HAPPINESS THAT MORNING IS      Ellen                     Bridge Street Theater / John Sowle

BOEING BOEING                                  Gabriella              Winnipesaukee Playhouse / Samantha Tella

SAME TIME NEXT YEAR                      Doris                                                     "          /Brenna Geffers            

THE GRADUATE                                   Mrs. Robinson                                      "         /Samantha Tella

THE NORMAN CONQUESTS               Sarah                                                     "         / Neil Pankhurst

REDWOOD CURTAIN                           Geneva                  Bridge Street Theater / John Sowle

YOURS, ANNE                                       Mrs.Van Pels        Half Moon Theatre  /  Michael Schiralli

MOTHER COURAGE                            Courage                 SUNY Ulster/Guest Artist /  Sophia Skiles

KILL ME NOW (US Prem.)                    Robyn                    Stageworks Hudson /  John Sowle

THE MOUND BUILDERS                      Cynthia                                                  “

THE DIVINE SISTER                             Levinson/Timothy     Stageworks Hudson  /  Billy Kimmel

FORBIDDEN BROADWAY                    Woman B                                              "

SOUND OF MUSIC                                Elsa Schraeder     Sharon Playhouse  / Gary John La Rosa


REVIEW WITH ANDY DALY                    Gina                       Comedy Central                          

STEP 9                                                      Shari                      Free Film School of New Paltz

TWO WORLDS OF WILLIAM MARCH    Kay/Mrs. Penmark   Independent Film / R. Clem

MYFITCODE (Industrial)                         Lead                        Brainstorm Health Services

TRANSEQUALITY spec ads                   Mother (Lead)        Lambda Legal                                                                         

2010 - present
2010 - present
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